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I predict a 4 0 City win.

Referee: David Coote.
Assistants: Nick Hopton, Timothy Wood. Fourth official: Josh Smith.
VAR: Peter Bankes.
Assistant VAR: Adam Nunn.
Tip of the day

Haaland to score first goal

£15 returns £40.50
£50 returns £ 135.00
Paddy Pig

City 1/16
Draw 12/1

Both teams to score
Yes 15/8
No 1/3

Both teams to score first half

Yes 5/1
No 1/9

Both teams to score second half

Yes 7/2
No 1/6

First goal
Haaland 17/10
Alvarez 11/4
Marez 4/1
Kdb 9/2
Foden 9/2
Gundogan 13/2
Palmer 7/1
citymancs / Re: Transfer thread
« Last post by bbk on Yesterday at 08:14:29 »
I get letting 'want-away' players leave, it makes sense. What I don't like is, as with Sane, we seem to sell them well below market value. Bernie is worth 80-90 million, by my reckoning.
citymancs / Re: Transfer thread
« Last post by gavin on August 09, 2022, 21:48:07 »
I'm not really arsed where Barca get their money from. As far as I'm concerned if clubs operate within the law and pay their bills as promised then that is up to them. Selling future TV rights is quite common. In fact I think City have done similar more than once. I'd like to hear what Snr Tebas has to say about all this though.

I have a big problem with Bernard leaving. He should stay with the best team in the land and all the world.
citymancs / Re: Transfer thread
« Last post by silvablue on August 09, 2022, 19:55:06 »
Barcelona board approved 4 tranches of fund raising, the 4th only needed if LaLiga did not agree with their accounting manoeuvre, which they didn't.

So to be able to get players registered on time and to buy Bernardo they needed to trigger the 4th tranche of money raising, which they have.

Good business, if you think gambling with the clubs future is a good thing to do. I certainly do not. Catastrophe looms imo.
citymancs / Re: Transfer thread
« Last post by Gareth on August 09, 2022, 19:32:08 »
If I was City, I don’t think I’d be taking any cheques from Barcelona. I’d want the money in a Prince Charles style, carrier bags full of used tenners, thank you very much.
citymancs / Re: Transfer thread
« Last post by Gareth on August 09, 2022, 19:11:53 »
I don’t really understand how Barcelona do their business. Today I was reading (in The Guardian ) that La Liga won’t let them register their new players because they don’t have enough “real” money, but here they are spending another £50mil. Ok, they sell off their tv rights for years into the future so as  to buy players now... it seems to be legal, but it doesn’t sound sustainable (to me). I can just imagine the reaction if City started behaving like this.
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