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off topic / Re: M.E.N Bombing
« Last post by Hesperus on Today at 15:26:02 »
I echo those sentiments BBM.

My mum (in her 70s) got asked to do some flower arrangements at St Anne’s square last Sunday. She spent 7hours there. So many people were approaching her and her team and asking about the flowers. My mum explained that they were doing bouquets of 22 roses, one for each of the victims. A man asked if he could have one of the roses. He lost his daughter in the attack. Needless to say it was a very emotional conversation. Proud of my mum though and all the people of Manchester.
citymancs / Re: Pellers
« Last post by The Blue Blooded Maniac on Today at 15:15:58 »
I think he knew all along that he was just a stop gap until we got Pep.
off topic / M.E.N Bombing
« Last post by The Blue Blooded Maniac on Today at 14:52:25 »
One year on from the M.E.N bombing and I'll always remember the day cos its me lads birthday and he was the same age as the youngest fatality which was a little girl who was 8.

Went to the memorial with me lad and sister a few days afterwards at St Annes and it was absolutely chocker but so quiet, then a chap with bagpipes started playing don't look back in anger. Was absolutely bone chilling and nobody had a dry eye.

An awful day of the bombing but a great show of unity since.

RIP to those involved.
citymancs / Re: Happy Anniversary
« Last post by The Blue Blooded Maniac on Today at 13:56:59 »
Bet its dragged for the rags haha.
citymancs / Re: One or two signings
« Last post by bry the guy on Today at 13:53:34 »
What happend to Fred?
citymancs / Re: Happy Anniversary
« Last post by bry the guy on Today at 13:46:16 »
Wow 10 years that`s flown by,time fly`s by when your enjoying yourself.
citymancs / Re: Happy Anniversary
« Last post by gavin on Today at 12:25:49 »
It has been a fantastic ten years. We have become the best team in England. Next ten years, the best team in the world.
off topic / Re: World Travel thread
« Last post by zacc on Today at 12:06:37 »
My kids are half Malaysian, born in UK though, now in Oz. Mother from Malacca.

Devil curry.

Pure coincidence my daughter-in-law is half Malaysian.

Lived for a couple of years on Jalan Ayam Ayam in Shah Alam. Guy used to come by on Sunday nights with a BBQ on the back of a Honda 50. Most delicious chicken satay and we got to watch him speed away with sparks flying everywhere.

Amusingly Jalan Ayam Ayam means chickens road so appropriate to have chicken satay,
as you say they are 'lish.
citymancs / Re: Pellers
« Last post by Hesperus on Today at 11:21:51 »
Well they will certainly play the more open expansive football that their supporters demand.

I thought when we played under him our football was good but we were really open through the middle of the park and he never addressed that. It made the football entertaining but I never felt we had control over a game, even during the season we won the league.

Good luck to him though, he certainly got shafted by us in his last season but acted with a lot of dignity.
citymancs / Re: Ingurlund
« Last post by The Blue Blooded Maniac on Today at 09:26:39 »
Captain Kane.

Atleast he's not a scouser.
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