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off topic / Re: World Travel thread
« Last post by goat on Today at 16:59:48 »
i like  curry but dont fancy shitting my insides out for a week over it
Summat bonkers like 3-5 to City
4 2 City win
citymancs / Re: Predictions for Huddersfield away . Sunday 1.30
« Last post by KunDB on Yesterday at 21:44:45 »
Joint winners Stephenmcfc and Bluebrendan. Well done guys on your 3 0 forecasts.

If the ref was not blind and had awarded the penalty I could have won (lol).
3-1 to City. 12-1 on agg  :D
off topic / Re: World Travel thread
« Last post by The Blue Blooded Maniac on Yesterday at 19:08:11 »
Missus wants to go to India cos she's curry mad. I've took her down Rusholme a few times, can't be that different?
citymancs / Re: Predictions for Burton away. Wed 1945 League Cup Semi final
« Last post by Moz on Yesterday at 18:02:16 »
City to win 4-2.
off topic / Re: World Travel thread
« Last post by Lekos on Yesterday at 13:16:07 »
South America is pretty amazing.  I'd really like to go back - lots more to see!  I've been to Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru into Colombia up the amazon on a boat.  Passed through Venezuela and sort of been to Brazil, but not officially. 

Spent a few weeks in India this year on a couple of different trips.  It's just a bit too mental.  Too dirty,  cows wondering about eating bags of rubbish, people being run over by drivers avoiding cows, dead dogs, people shitting in streams, etc.  I'd love to go to the north though, by the mountain ranges.  Seems a bit more chilled out and less dirt.

citymancs / Re: City @ Terriers Match Thread
« Last post by KunDB on Yesterday at 07:52:13 »
Garth Crooks BBC said:

“Andre Marriner's decision not to award Sterling a penalty was so bad it was almost villainous.

As for his assistant referee Richard West, he might as well have gone West! “

I second that.
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