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citymancs / Predictions for Shaktar away. Wed.8pm C L
« Last post by stephenmcfc on Today at 15:26:44 »
Wonder what team Pep will go with this week in the CL

I believe KDB should be the first name on the team sheet week in week out and the rest of the team built round him

His absence in the first half yesterday was there to be seen

Peps first real cock up ?

2 0 City
citymancs / Re: Var
« Last post by bry the guy on Today at 15:21:29 »
They made another one today at bournmouth,that Everton goal was a blatent foul.Ithought they checed every goal.
citymancs / Re: Pep
« Last post by Gareth on Today at 12:16:52 »
So arrogant Pep

What, did he tell them Norwich had already been relegated after their first game of the season?

citymancs / Re: Pep
« Last post by lee on Today at 10:11:06 »
Weird feeling losing.It's a pain that im used to. Embedded into my psyche  8)
citymancs / Re: Pep
« Last post by KunDB on Today at 09:37:04 »
The team was fine, just did not perform to the usual standards. It’s fine to lose a game as it reminds us of just how very good the team are performing when firing on all cylinders. These days we tend to take winning for granted.
citymancs / Re: Pep
« Last post by gavin on Yesterday at 21:42:20 »
That team should have beat Norwich. It was crammed full of class players who sadly didn't perform on the day.
citymancs / Re: at Norwich
« Last post by KunDB on Yesterday at 21:13:56 »
Shit happens, I am sure the team will learn from this that complacency costs.

While Otamendi screwed up, we did a very bad job of covering his mistake. Defence poor all day, but so was the whole team to be fair.
citymancs / Re: at Norwich
« Last post by Paddy on Yesterday at 19:39:27 »
Pep let the whole team down by taken the opposition as easy and easily beaten. a sure three pointa.Whre was Kevin ?
citymancs / Pep
« Last post by Paddy on Yesterday at 19:33:36 »
So arrogant Pep
citymancs / Re: at Norwich
« Last post by Hesperus on Yesterday at 19:31:18 »
shite team selection too.  Pep has to take responsibility for that.

I’d never play Rodri and Gundogan in the same midfield again. Shit at the back and bang average in midfield and upfront. Got what we deserved today.
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