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citymancs / Re: predictions for Huddersfield Town away . Sunday 4pm
« Last post by Moz1959 on Today at 02:07:50 »
City to win 3-0.
citymancs / Re: Robinho
« Last post by Neil Mcnab on Today at 01:05:40 »
Bobbinsho, what a twot. Castration might do the trick, then a few years in the same cell as Grossberger.
citymancs / Re: Robinho
« Last post by goat on Yesterday at 23:19:27 »
one for pen and one claiming he was onside. after that they gas him
off topic / Re: The ashes
« Last post by Lekos on Yesterday at 22:22:19 »
I can't handle cricket...bores me to death. Having said that - have a great time and get pissed in the sun!
citymancs / Re: rags beaten by basil
« Last post by Ludo on Yesterday at 21:59:16 »
There no doubt that no one wants Celtic or Rangers in the premier league and it's never going to happen anyway. But there's a difference between not wanting them and underestimating their potential (Celtic's especially) to do do very well in it.

As for witnessing the sectarianism between the two I imagine it would in the most part be reserved for the Old Firm games.
off topic / The ashes
« Last post by nimrod on Yesterday at 21:46:26 »
Good 1st day for England, lets hope more confidence today
I'm off to The Gabba in an hour  :)
citymancs / Re: Robinho
« Last post by Swiss on Yesterday at 21:35:17 »
He's allowed 2 appeals apparently
citymancs / Re: Stones Injury
« Last post by nimrod on Yesterday at 21:32:49 »
I don't think it was a red card as Stones was close. However it was still careless to risk it. Better to be a goal down after 3 minutes than down to ten men.

Vinny knew exactly what he was doing, and he wasnt being stupid.

The ref would never have given a red so early in the game and stones was bearing down on Vardy so it wasnt a clear cut scoring opportunity, and the rule is for refs , dont give a red if theres any uncertainty.

citymancs / Re: rags beaten by basil
« Last post by Gareth on Yesterday at 21:28:13 »
I think Celtic and Rangers would make the Prem more interesting so I'd be for it. It is great to have big, well supported teams to play. Hell, I'd even welcome back Leeds. The more big games the better. It'd take them a long while to compete at the top though I think.

'Interesting' in the sense that you'd be able to get a regular close-up perspective on sectarian bigotry? Because don't kid yourself it's about football. Going to league matches involving the Hoops or the Huns, the atmosphere is hateful, spiteful, evil and violent. I've probably experienced more of it than most on here, and I can assure you it isn't just a matter of playing big, well-supported teams, and it is not great. It's about the crappiest experience you can have that is purportedly football-related.
citymancs / Re: Robinho
« Last post by nimrod on Yesterday at 21:26:24 »
fiver on robinho being priime minister soon there

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