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Bluetooth Headphones

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Anyone got a pair? Any recommendations?

had  a bluetooth dongle thing, could plug own headphones in. was alright

Thanks for the recommendation mate  :D ;)

I stick with 3.5mm jack and cable so far. But have been pondering getting a bluetooth pair.  Let us know which you get and if they're any good.

I have a pair of (black) SKull Candy hesh 2

Syncs perfectly well with my phone.

Syncs a bit didge with my laptop, but since the windows 10 update my lappy ha been fucked so I don't think it's anything to do with the headphones.

I therefore use the jack when in my lappy, but wireless with my phone/music.

I have a samsung galaxy S5 btw.

They are comfy on head, cover/cup the ear so block out external noise pretty well.

I am more than happy with them.


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