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when is the world going to wake up

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and nail these murdering bastards

Utter scum. Targeting kids concerts now.

Our Friend was there with her 9 year old niece and said it was just terrifying.


--- Quote from: stephenmcfc on May 23, 2017, 04:25:08 ---and nail these murdering bastards

--- End quote ---

Would be nice but a bit more complex than that eh.

Rowley Birkin QC:
Yes... first you have to correctly identify the murderous bastards - before you can nail them...

It's disgusting of course - especially when you realise the choice of target was quite possibly deliberate. There's a school of thought among this particular brand of fundamentalist Islam that young girls enjoying 'promiscuous' music (promoted by 'Jewish entrepreneurs' as part of a secret conspiracy) is a threat to public morals and an affront to god, punishable by death...

This is how these deluded fuckers think. But picking out the deluded fuckers from all the normal people is not easy. Sometimes their own families have no idea what they are up to until the police knock at the door.

Sometimes they do though and say fuck all. My ex mrs is a friend of the mother 8 yr old murdered.


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