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'Messi never closer to the exit'

Started by The Blue Blooded Maniac, January 08, 2015, 13:34:13

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The Blue Blooded Maniac

There's big unrest at Barcelona at the moment with plenty of reports saying a number of players are unhappy. I think were at the stage now where we are able to lure the best players in the world, and we would be daft not to take advantage of this unrest and make a move for Messi.


how are we?

big gap between stumbling into champs league knockouts and actually winning it. apparently luis enrique is upsetting every fucker and what with him being a bit shit its more likely barca will bin him to keep messi happy


"I think were at the stage now where we are able to lure the best players in the world."
We are , were signing Bony :D

The Blue Blooded Maniac

I definitely think were a better looking option now than we were a couple of years ago. We have the resources,  a south american manager, a hand full of Argie's and our director of sport (or whatever Txiki's title is) who used to work along side him. We also have the potential to dominate football as Barcelona did a few years ago. If that doesn't make us a more than viable option I don't know what does.

Well ye the managers upsetting everyone (but still managing to be in touching distance of the top of the league) and Puyol and the other ex keeper of theirs has quit and theres going g to be a unscheduled election in the summer. By the sounds of it its not just a player or two who is unhappy. Quiet a few top dogs are upset. I'm not going to pretend that I k ow what the problem is, bit I'm sure Txiki will be in the know.


I agree.

If for some reason Messi were to leave Barcelona then I'd like to think city would be in pole position to sign him.


Whatever their problems between manager and players , I think they will bin the manager before they let any players go

The Blue Blooded Maniac

We all know player power rules these days