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Re: Foden looking good
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Let me explain this to you as you seem to read everything literally.

If the purpose of an Academy is to develop players for your first team and no talented Academy players make a breakthrough then what is the point, might as well close it down (hypothetically) and other than for the money why would talented youngsters join knowing they are highly unlikely to play for City's first team/squad and will have to be shipped out by the club to get first team experienced. That is a problem, talented players reluctant to join, I feel the Academy might just eventually experience.

Now if it is a business, with the purpose of developing players and making profit by selling young talent on then it probably will succeed, in that regard.

Kids like Foden would have developed regardless of the City Academy, just elsewhere, he is an immense talent and if we do not use we will surely lose as has been the case for Jadon Sancho, another immense talent.

i got to literally and stopped reading


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Re: Foden looking good
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Well done Lee