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Merry Christmas everyone!

Started by Hesperus, December 25, 2017, 10:07:57

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Our little girl had all her presents unwrapped by 7:15am. She's happily sat in her new Ariel costume (with a tail) eating a selection box.

Off to the pub at midday for our annual Christmas meet up with all my male cousins and uncles. (Very sexist I know🙂) where we talk about football. My family is split 50/50 red and blue. So I'm looking forward to waxing lyrical about City and I'll probably throw in a verse of the "park the bus" song for good measure. Then back to the mother in laws for Christmas dinner.

What ever your doing today have a great time and all the best to you and your families.

Come on City!


Cheers Hesperus, hope you had a good one. Maerry Christmas, hope you enjoyed it.


Thankfully no rags were present to annoy me today. All my brothers and nearly all the rest of my family are blue.


was banned from talking to daughters lad

" happy xmas, united are shit"

could have said a lot worse than that


Very restrained indeed but what are you doing letting her see one of them in the first place?



And to everyone too (bit late)

Happy New year