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How much should we pay for him in January ?

Ive read reports that we will pay 44 million and now one saying we will pay 50 million.

If we wait till summer and he is on a free we risk losing him to Spain where he will be given the chance to play for the worlds biggest clubs, guaranteed silverware and of course better weather.

Seems daft paying that much in January

love this player but do City need him for that money?
His friendship with Pep may swing it too


--- Quote from: Lekos on December 05, 2017, 22:56:25 ---Seems daft paying that much in January

--- End quote ---

Yeah it does
I'd offer 20 mill tops
if not feck off Wengersuarus

A lot of crap will be spouted by the press between now and the transfer window, most generated by Arsenal. They want to create the impression they will not sell this window, wait until summer, there is a bidding war with PSG, RM, Barca, all interested and hey throw in Utd and Liverpool as well, why not. Then leak only £60m could tempt them nothing less.

All bullshit, he is coming to City January or the summer for free. Let the City boys get on and decide the price, probably between £20-30m with much of that being paid dependent on the achievement of several unachievable performance targets being met.

We fans should forget the finance and just enjoy the football; as much as we can,


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