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Hateful and boring

Started by Zabba, January 17, 2015, 08:39:07

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Jose Mourinho has not taken too long to return to his normal slimy ways again. When Chelsea were clear in the table it was all Mr nice guy, sweetness and light and no comment.

As soon as Chelsea are struggling somewhat he has reverted to his slimy norm and conspiracy theory distractions, to put Referees under pressure to favour Chelsea.

What a scumbag this guy really is, please God we never see him anywhere near City. No wonder Real Madrid wanted shot of him.


I will add this as well JM accusing City of breaking FFP rules and being favoured to do so. AW mouthing off as well. Played as always with a straight bat by Pellegrini when asked about it by the media.

Source: Daily Mail

Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho have questioned Manchester City’s £25million capture of Wilfried Bony, amid claims the Premier League champions may have bent the rules to sign the Ivory Coast striker.

Ahead of Arsenal’s clash with City at the Etihad on Sunday, Wenger admitted he was ‘surprised’ that his opponents have been able to buy Bony from Swansea despite being limited to a £49m net transfer spend imposed by UEFA for breaking Financial Fair Play regulations.

Chelsea manager Mourinho went a step further by claiming that the rules are different for title rivals City compared to other clubs, now that Manuel Pellegrini has added Bony to his £90m strikeforce of Sergio Aguero, Edin Dzeko and Stevan Jovetic.

Asked about the Bony signing, Mourinho said: ‘Well done, good player, good striker.

‘If they have the money and can spend it and have no problems with Financial Fair Play, well done.

‘The rules are different for City, you know what I mean. But they can only play with 11, unless the rules for them are different and they can play with 12.

‘They have a fantastic squad, and one more top player for that squad: Aguero, Jovetic, Bony and Dzeko are fantastic. Well done.’

Wenger expressed surprise at the Bony deal as well as the manner in which City signed former Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard for the season, having originally stated that he was joining them on a short-term loan from their sister club New York City FC.

Asked if signing Bony was ethical, the Arsenal manager said: ‘I hope so.

‘They must have the availability and the Financial Fair Play allows them to do it. I don’t know. It was a surprise, yes. They have huge financial potential now for a lot of years and we know that.

‘It is part of our game and we have to deal with it.

‘It’s not down to me to control it. There are official people to do that. I don’t know enough about what they do. It’s not my job as well to judge that.’

On the Lampard issue, Wenger added: ‘I’m surprised the way it happened because it was told that he first signed for New York and after he didn’t. It’s strange.’

Although the Bony fee pushes City’s spending over the £49m mark, the club have offset it against the £25m they will bank from Valencia when Alvaro Negredo’s loan move becomes permanent in the summer. Pellegrini refused to be drawn on Mourinho’s comments, but insisted that there is more to City then just lavish spending.

‘I didn’t hear what he said and it’s not important for me,’ said the City boss.

‘But I don’t think this club or this team is just money.

‘Every team needs good players if they want to win important things.

‘But after that, the way we play is very important.’


Seems pretty simple to me. We have brought in as much as we spent over the last year.


The papers love it, trying to create headlines, that's all they are about. Good headlines sell more papers and Moaninho is always good for a headline. He knows it too. AND he'd be quite happy if it was his club benifitting. Hypocrisy.

I try not to think about the money side of it all too much. I decided when the Arabs took over just to accept it. If I want City's football to be top flight then let them get on with it


oh bless poor man's losing it leave him & whinger to their petty rantings!! ;)