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City Arsenal Thread

Started by 93:2012, January 18, 2015, 15:26:07

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Paul lakes knee

Arsenal did a really professional job on us- Without Yaya and Nasri and and not fully fit Sergio, they just nullified Silva.

Hopefully Sergio will be 100% for the Chelsea game and The Ivory Coast will have a shocker.


Quote from: gavin on January 18, 2015, 20:42:51
Not sure how anyone gets the idea we were outplayed. Arsenal did next to nothing in terms of attacking football. The first half was two poor sides struggling to create a chance between them, punctuated by a poor ref giving a disgraceful penalty. It should have been a yellow card for diving as there is no way a grown man should be knocked down like that, if there was a touch it wasn't enough to knock a flea out of its stride.

Second half City started much the better side and really it looked like it was a matter of time before we'd get a goal and probably go on to win. Then we gave away a shocking second. The defence really should hang their heads in shame at that one. It was absolutely criminal to let a team score that easily from a free kick at the top level. There the game ended really.

Overall I thought City were the better side apart from the defending for their second. Nevertheless we only performed for the first 20 minutes of the second half and that simply isn't enough so the lads should be ashamed this week at their efforts. We should be reaching that level for at least three of the four quarters of the game.

The ref seemed to have it in for Vinny. A pen for nothing and then a booking for next to nothing. No wonder Vinny was peeved.

Now we need to go to Chelsea and win. We can do it but we need to perform for 90 minutes not 20.

I see where you are coming from but for a team that, in your words, "...did next to nothing in terms of attacking football" they scored twice against us. We could have played for another week and we probably would not have scored.

It is all very well playing pretty football in your own half or in front of the defence, but the game is all about creating and scoring and we were pretty piss poor in that important respect.  Putting in a shift for 20 minutes is appalling and the very reason we were outplayed and outperformed on the day were it really matters; in and around the opponents box.


Right, I've avoided the media til now but it seems to have been swept under the carpet somewhat...

Arsene has obviously watched our matches and seen we're weak on the counter attack. I've never seen Arsenal play that way before!

They allowed us the ball, soaked up the pressure, out marked our players and countered!

I thought the penalty was weak but then Vincent did move towards the player, so soft but Vinny was silly. Though he didn't actually move a great deal. one of the papers said the ref wasn't even looking at the incident...

Second was poor defending, but also we didn't look like scoring at all, all game!
I think the best chance was from Dzeko who shot high to the near post.

Ah well, we can't win every premier league! Would have been nice to get one back for earlier in the season when I don't think they should have got a point against us.