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Global City - India Next (maybe)?
« on: January 05, 2018, 22:12:27 »
Telegraph Story Link

Manchester City chief visits India as owners look to expand portfolio.

Ferran Soriano, the chief executive of Manchester City, has been on an exploratory visit to India as the club’s ambitious parent company, City Football Group (CFG), continue their search for global investment opportunities.

CFG are actively looking to buy a club in China and expand their current international stable of six clubs, but India is also believed to be a market of considerable interest to the group, even if there are no specific investment plans in the pipeline at present.

Soriano, who also serves as chief executive of CFG, attended an Indian Super League game between Jamshedpur FC and Mumbai City FC at the JRD Tata Sports Complex on Friday night in Jamshedpur in the south eastern state of Jharkhand.

Jamshedpur are coached by former City manager, Steve Coppell, and Soriano was given a tour of the stadium by Sunil Bhaskaran, a vice president at Tata Steel and chairman of the Tata Football Academy.

Those interested can read the rest in article itself.

So that's were Steve Coppell is now!


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Re: Global City - India Next (maybe)?
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peter reid was out there an all

statue of brian horton outside every stadium


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Re: Global City - India Next (maybe)?
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CFG trying to spice up their investments ?


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Re: Global City - India Next (maybe)?
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All for the greater glory !!!