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Maguire and other possible transfers

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Neil Mcnab:
Rumours we are interested, but of course for treble what Leicester shelled out for him in the summer. He is a footballer and is a big unit. A bright spark on here said in August we should have considered him.

Pep can come up with cover in positions we had not even dreamed of, but if Dinho had a long term injury, the replacements we have now would leave us weaker. Seen Fred who played well against us, but not seen much besides. Always remember Nicky Summerbee having a blinder against us for Swindon, signed for us and not quite that player. Or we were also rumoured to be interested in Weigl, or what about Vidal to keep Sanchez happy. 

Of course there is still Sanchez himself, or would he be the new Marsh?

Umtiti - 54mil Barcelona CB.

With Stones back, i think we’ve proved we’re ok with the current cover on that department.

I hope we go for Sanchez. We should strike whilst the iron is hot. This season probably gives us our best chance of title and CL wins. If we wait until the summer for Sanchez we may as well not bother but rather look for a younger player. However in our current position it makes great sense to move for him now.

mawson isnt bad from swansea, might get him cheap if they are preparing for championship and want to lower wage bill

No Sanchez today in team for Arsenal FA Cup match. How significant is that in terms of not being cup tied for City should he join. I think it is looking good for Sanchez to join us soon.


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