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A former Arsenal starlet was shown a red card while representing his new club - after the referee mistook his name for dissent.

Sanchez Watt was called over by the match official to be cautioned while representing Hemel Hempstead in their National League South clash with East Thurrock on Tuesday night.

Watt continually repeated his name to the official, saying: "Watt. Watt."

But clumsy official Dean Hulme mistook the statement as: "What? What?"

The forward was subsequently given his marching orders by the confused official, who believed that Watt was dissenting against the decision to give him a yellow card.
Watt celebrates his one and only goal for Arsenal (Image: Getty Images)

Thankfully for Hemel Hempstead, captain Jordan Parkes was on hand to approach the match official and explain the misunderstanding.

Watt was called back over and his red card was rescinded - and he received the yellow he was always supposed to.

On the showing of the red card, Hemel tweeted: "Red card: Sanchez Watt is sent off, presumably for dissent."
Watt scored for Arsenal in a League Cup clash with West Brom in 2009 (Image: Daily Mirror)

But they quickly added: "And all of sudden the colour of the card changes to yellow. A rather bizarre incident all stemming from the decision to award Thurrock a goal kick despite a clear touch from a defender before the ball went out.

"Just to clarify, Hemel still have eleven men."

Watt was on the scoresheet for Hemel earlier on the night, alongside Parkes, as Hemel ran out 2-0 winners. What's more, they ended the game with 11 men. Result.

Watt played three times for Arsenal, with all of his appearances coming in the League Cup, in which he scored one goal.

He signed for Hemel Hempstead from free-spending Billericay Town earlier this year.


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I hope he gets a shirt with "WHAT?" printed on the back.


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