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UEFA - need I say more (charge Pep)
« on: April 11, 2018, 16:06:56 »
Pep Guardiola has been charged with two disciplinary offences by Uefa after Manchester City’s Champions League defeat to Liverpool on Tuesday.
The City manager faces a first charge having been sent to the stands for protesting to the referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz after Leroy Sané had a goal incorrectly disallowed during the quarter-final second leg at the Etihad Stadium. The incident occurred just before half-time and the City manager came on to the pitch when the players were coming off for the interval.
Guardiola also faces a second charge of improper conduct from the European governing body for communicating with the bench after he had been sent to the stands.
Uefa has also charged Liverpool over the behaviour of their fans during the game, for letting off fireworks and throwing objects.

So Pep is to be charged for pointing out to the refree and his 4 other officials overseeing the game that they disallowed a perfectly good goal. The second time this official has got it wrong at the expense of City (Monaco last year). While UEFA let the referee and his supporting officials walk away without any consequence for their actions and failings? It would amke you laugh if it was not so appalling. Why do referees not have to be accountable for their actions, at least rugby referees explain their decisions. Further evidence of UEFA being biased against City, no coincidence they feel at liberty to favour the opposition over City in their decisions.


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Re: UEFA - need I say more (charge Pep)
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Although I feel all this talk of bias is a load of shite, I do agree it would be great to have the refs discuss their decisions post match like the managers do.  As for the bias, fans of all clubs think there is bias against them, so at least the bias is fair and nicely spread out  :D


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Re: UEFA - need I say more (charge Pep)
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I reckon it is more a case that referees are not deliberately biased against City. They are just goddamn awful.
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Re: UEFA - need I say more (charge Pep)
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Humans are always subject to bias to some degree whether conciously or subconciously. They always want to please their masters.

Pep charged. What money would you put on the Spanish ref being rewarded for his performance with a semi, if there is one without a Spanish team. I don't think it has done his career any harm at all despite giving a clearly wrong decision.

I believe Martin Atkinson has been given an FA Cup semi...