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One or two signings
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So say both the manager and the chairman. But expect them to be quality. It seems that we've learnt from titles past and are determined to build carefully on our success. We really did fail to push on after our last two titles. I don't agree that this isn't a great side already - for all the titles the rags have won they have never got near 100 points. I think the magintude of that achievement will only become clear in the years to come. But, of course, it will be greater if we can go on to win it again, and again. It is going to be an interesting summer. Certain clubs are going to be desperate  :D.


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Re: One or two signings
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Leading candidates so far are

1. Jorginho
2. Hazard
3. Mahrez

bry the guy

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Re: One or two signings
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What happend to Fred?