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The Blue Blooded Maniac:
Not that anyone's arsed but Delph made it in.

Pleased for him, he's worked hard the lad.

What position would he play?  :)

The Blue Blooded Maniac:
Head buffer

hart didnt  :D

Ok, it's increasingly difficult to make a case supporting Joe Hart in his present incarnation, but I'd still say that while he was City's No. 1 keeper he was up to the job and fully deserved his 2 league medals (any other City keeper got 2?). I'm not saying he was the world's best, just that he was an integral part of that team at that time. Anyone think that Bravo was better? And as for England, I don't think Pickford is any better, Butland is error-prone and Pope (probably the best of the 3) is only second choice for Burnley when Heaton is fit.


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