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M.E.N Bombing

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The Blue Blooded Maniac:
One year on from the M.E.N bombing and I'll always remember the day cos its me lads birthday and he was the same age as the youngest fatality which was a little girl who was 8.

Went to the memorial with me lad and sister a few days afterwards at St Annes and it was absolutely chocker but so quiet, then a chap with bagpipes started playing don't look back in anger. Was absolutely bone chilling and nobody had a dry eye.

An awful day of the bombing but a great show of unity since.

RIP to those involved.

I echo those sentiments BBM.

My mum (in her 70s) got asked to do some flower arrangements at St Anne’s square last Sunday. She spent 7hours there. So many people were approaching her and her team and asking about the flowers. My mum explained that they were doing bouquets of 22 roses, one for each of the victims. A man asked if he could have one of the roses. He lost his daughter in the attack. Needless to say it was a very emotional conversation. Proud of my mum though and all the people of Manchester.

Been listening to 5Live which featured various interviews, and ways ones are coping a year on.   Having attended two funerals in four days can only conclude grab each moment with joy and showing kindness.
So sad there's the occasional  person bent on carrying out heinous acts.

What can I do in the forum and where can I get more?

Rowley Birkin QC:
We've got great stacks of it - out the back.


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