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Bin the group stages

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This goes for the World Cup and the Chumps League. Too many shit games in the groups. Knock out football is where its at for these competitions. Keep the Premier League but the rest are just cup competitions at the end anyway.

The Blue Blooded Maniac:
It's only going to get worst with more teams entering the finals in the world Cup and the euros.

The more teams, the more money. We all know that's what it's all about.

As far as the World Cup goes....absolute tripe. The groups have been excellent this year (one or two games the exception).

It's been one of the best World Cups I can remember. Cracking stuff today as well.

Long may it continue...or until they make it 48 teams and kill it.

What a pile of shite, England v Belgium, both play B teams, no-one really wants to win, very exciting..

Great planning and organisation

Daft statement.  3 group games and sometimes it's just how the last match ends up.  Bad planning and organisation?  Hahah.  Ridiculous. 

This has been one of the best World Cups in my living memory.  There were 48 group games and if you chose to focus on the 4 / 5 bad ones that probably says a lot about you.  Miserable twats  ;D


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