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The Blue Blooded Maniac:
The whole thing seems to have been an absolute sham from the beginning.

I'm not all that clued up on politics and voted leave pretty much due to the promises made in favour of the NHS.

Those promises haven't been kept (shocker) plus the whole set up for the referendum was rushed and the voters weren't informed properly of the effects of each potential result.

There has been plenty of talk of a do over, which I am fully in favour of as I would definitely change my vote and after becoming more aware of the situation, I'm sure many others would change their vote too.

good lad

The Blue Blooded Maniac:
Cheers dad

if i was your dad id have beat the shit out of you for doing something that stupid in the first place

cant see it being cancelled

best we will probably  get is a  vote on taking no deal or whatever useless shit the tories have left scribbled on a fag packet that the e.u hasnt laughed out the room


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