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No wonder we got rid

The Blue Blooded Maniac:
He made up for it (sort of) but he should have had a hat trick.

If both teams play like they have done tonight against us then we have sod all to worry about. They've both been crap.

The Blue Blooded Maniac:
Chelsea drag it back with an inconclusive var review and then take the lead through a hazard goal that was miles better than Salahs Fifa 'goal of the year' shower of shite.

Morata has been doing a dam fine Shevchenko impression aswell.

Was hoping the bindippers would progress to be honest with the only reason to distract them from the league.

A blow to them before the big game at weekend though

You have to hand it to the lad, on occasion he has real star quality. Another career that has been ruined by injuries. Shame the lad is made of glass physically, mentally or both.


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