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'Lesbian' football international tonight: England vs Australia

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The thread title is 'inspired' by Goat of course  :)

I guess there will be a few Manchester City players in the England team. Although why did they give the coaching job to Phil Neville of all people?  ???

cheeky aussie twot, hope ken eats your dingos baby

obviously they heard him as a pundit and thought he is an inspirational mother fucker

They probably don't really care who coaches the England women's team still  :)
And Phil has obviously kept himself involved with the game.

Goat is not really the sort of bloke who should be inspiring you and this is the perfect example why. I'm sure there are all sorts of women playing for the City women's team! Good luck to them all (unless they are closet rags).

bollocks, he could do a lot worse


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