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24 Broadcasters 175 Countries 650m Homes

Started by Zabba, February 01, 2015, 18:18:23

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The Chelsea City game set a new record beating the record previously held by City Utd April 2012. That just shows how far we have come in such a short time and 650m homes full of future fans will have seen how dominant City were.

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City will be part of a new broadcasting record on Saturday, with the Chelsea game beamed into 650m homes in 175 countries around the globe.

A new high of 26 Premier League rights holders will be at Stamford Bridge to capture the top of the table clash.

That will include a Premier League debut for KazSport from Kazakhstan.

There will be 24 international rights holders in attendance, including Premier League Productions, in addition to UK broadcasters Sky Sports and BBC Sport.

The previous record was set at City against United on April 30, 2012 in another first versus second-place game.

A total of 19 Premier League rights holders sent crews and commentators to that match.

Premier League international rights holder to attend:

1.            Premier League Productions

2.            NC+ (Poland)

3.            SBS Discovery (from Denmark)

4.            NBC Sports (from USA)

5.            BeIN Sport (Middle East)

6.            Now TV (Hong Kong)

7.            NTV Plus (Russia)

8.            Sport Klub (Balkans)

9.            Sky Deutschland (Germany)

10.          Sportsnet (Canada)

11.          DirecTV (South America)

12.          NTV (Bulgaria)

13.          Telenet (Belgium)

14.          ESPN Brasil

15.          Fox Sports (Italy)

16.          TV3 (Denmark)

17.          Viasat Sweden

18.          TV2 (Norway)

19.          Canal+ (France)

20.          Fox Sports (Australia)

21.          BETV (Belgium)

22.          OTE (Greece)

23.          Fox Sports (Netherlands)

24.          Kazsport (Kazakhstan)


All those countries saw Chelsea play like a small team again.

Stephen Paul

BEin sports is massive here in Abu Dhabi , every City game on live, brilliant


It was hardly a game for the neutral watchers, it probably cured a few million cases of insomnia!