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After that performance I believe that Liverpool will take a large blow to their confidence, they were to far up their own backside, just like we were until we had a run of injuries. We have come back, can they, be mindful of our old bogey team, they are also knocking at the door. No room for complacency...They beat us in two cup finals; the last one we had a player who scored twice; for us and them. Name that player ?. This for the younger members. Goat, u r not eligible

bry the guy:
tommy huchinson

For Tottenham to drag themselves into contention then lose to Wolves shows they are still not the real deal.

Little unfair considering we lost to Leicester and palace, you could say the same to us.

Also, wolves are having a decent season and we only drew 1-1 with them.

This is a three-way tussle, it's good forbthe spirit, maybe not the heart

tommy used to work around here with some youth thing


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