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Typical arrogant German. I spent several wonderous year in Germany. a very industrious nation but a certain select few are so far up their own rears and Klopp is one. Wolves ran rings around his selection tonight and all he did was to bring on two first team players far to late in the game. Well done Wolves, a deserved victory

Not been impressed by his comments when he gets beat by City. Always excuses.

Even from here (NI) I can hear the stands at Anfield creaking under the strain of back to back losses, and the scouser fans weakening confidence.

Klopp needs to watch out now as he could easily go the same way as Brendan Rodgers (and I don't mean for the mandatory Liverpool teeth bleaching - as he has already been there).

The pressure is on from now until season end.

Kun, u from NI ?



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