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Is this right?
« on: May 03, 2019, 08:06:36 »
Not often I post, but a mate of mine says that the Rags can finish 4th but not qualify for Champs League.

If the standings end up like this


And Spurs win Champs Final
And Arsenal win Europa Final (Chelsea or Arsenal could swap places)

As only five places allowed in Champs League he says 4th place would lose out.
If so this would be my ideal way for places to end up.


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Re: Is this right?
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The above does suggest that to be the case. Though it isn't specific about what happens it does say that a max of 5 are allowed in the groups from any one country. I just like the rags to get in the Europa League either way. Let them play Thursdays because they're fucking shite  :D


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Re: Is this right?
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No argument there Gavin. Totally concur

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Re: Is this right?
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Agreed, Ajax or Barca for the CL and the Kings Head for the EL.