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Classless Liverpool Fans

Started by 93:2012, May 15, 2019, 11:07:43

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I don't suppose Liverpool fans have ever taunted the rags about Munich. I don't suppose Liverpool fans have ever hurled bricks at a coach. I don't suppose it was Liverpool fans that hurled coins which hit Joe Corrigan when he was standing between the posts at the Kop. I don't suppose Liverpool fans have ever boasted about being the best dressed hooligans in Europe as they stole their clothes on their European trips back in the day. I don't suppose Liverpool fans were responsible for Heysal, as they continued their rampage on the trains and boats on their way home afterwards delivering severe beatings to anyone they considered to be from Manchester.

Oh no, that never happened, La.

I don't suppose Liverpool fans think much about our human rights abusing owners, while posting their outrage from 'phones made in China and wearing clothes made by kids in Asia working 12 hour days and earning next to nothing.

Their shirt sponsors have just been fined one of the largest amounts in corporate history, but that's OK as they don't own the club.

I don't suppose they care too much about the people living in their houses around Anfield having their lives blighted for years, decades in some cases, as they wanted to expand their stadium.

I could go on, but it's all glass houses.

When they were drunk with success, they wanted to screw teams like City and other proud clubs with their pursuit of money, and now it has come back to bite them they don't like it. They should have thought ahead.

As I travelled around the country watching City, I was struck by the number of fans of other clubs wanting us to win the league. They detested the idea of Liverpool being champions.

They didn't hear it of course, but I certainly did.

Sod 'em. They ought to have a look at themselves before they try and take the moral high ground against us.

bry the guy

WOW thats great and so true.