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Der Spiegel
« on: November 04, 2019, 11:47:05 »
First set of their false claims rebutted.

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Manchester City: FA finds no evidence of banned payment to Jadon Sancho's agent

Extract from Der Spiegel article:   Article Link 

"Irregular Payments
Sancho has become a key player for Borussia, in addition to being a poster child for English player development, a youth idol, a millionaire -- and he may perhaps generate the next record transfer fee for his current club. Internal documents from the Football Leaks trove of data make it possible to trace Sancho's path to Dortmund, by way of scouting reports, emails and contracts. Along the way, irregular payments can also be found."
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Re: Der Spiegel
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Nice one.


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Re: Der Spiegel
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I lose track of all the investigations into us. They mostly seem to fall away in the end. It doesn't seem we're doing much wrong. Especially compared to the likes of Chelsea who have a transfer ban, the Scousers who had to give us a million to let them off for spying, and the rags who are total shite amongst other things.