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The Toffees struggling financially

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118 million losses

The bloke should be able to invest what he likes in his club. I'd be concerned about the lack of progress his investment is achieving though. I'm not convinced with his latest managerial appointment either. They seem to be changing approach with each appointment rather than refining or improving. Balls to FFP in any form and stick VAR too.

always had a bit of a soft spot for Everton . Bit like City in the past always second best to their neighbors

No progress at Goodison and looks like a relegation dog fight this season

Bit like United now

a load of empty seats at the swamp again last night for their powerful 1 0 win against Wolves

The longer Ole stays there the better in my view as he hasn't a clue

Pep playing against them with no strikers fooked his head completely 


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