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Penalty taker


We simply have three unreliable takers of penalties. Sergio, Gabriel and Raheem, none of which are reliable.

I would love to see Ederson given his chance. I’m assuming KdB doesn’t fancy taking spot kicks.

Bernardo or Ederson

Not sure I agree about Sergio but the rest aren’t up to it at present. Gundogan has never missed one, if he’s on the pitch I’d have him. Someone needs to step up though. I’d get Jesus with Johnny Wilkieson’s psychologist and see if he can get his head right. You could tell before he took last nights pen his confidence wasn’t there. If he ever wants to make it as a top striker it’s an area he can improve on.

KDB has already taken a pen for us at Everton.....and didn't score. Balls to it give Ederson the job. Pep admitted he was the best at it in his presser.

Decent effort today from Gundo. You can tell that Pep is taking the whole thing more seriously now with his comments around Gundo's stats.


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