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The Philosophy Thread

Started by reddishblue, March 03, 2020, 01:12:28

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Yes, but what you should be asking is what is the other side of the edge?


Kind of my point, I suspect more space is beyond it.


It is hard to conceive of anything else considering it is all we know. But we do know that very small parts of the universe behave completely differently to how our classical experience would suggest. Just because we don't experience it doesn't mean there isn't all sorts of weird stuff going on.


Physics breaks down as does mathematics in the race to understand not just the infinite but the infinitely small, I refer you to the Quantum Physics thread.

We are in one of many universes in an infinite space imo.

Unknown Pleasures

Quote from: gavin on September 17, 2023, 18:05:57
You are assuming that time began at the big bang and we don't really know if anything could or did exist before the big bang. Also, I'm not convinced that space being infinite necessarily implies that time is. But then I'm not convinced that space, or anything else, can be infinite in reality. We do know that it is a fucking big place and yet still that United are the most embarrassing club within it.

Agree with the united bit 😀 Although to fill infinite space it stands to reason you need infinite time.

If there's  only a finite amount of time then everything can only travel a finite distance.