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& Then we were TEN

Started by KunDB, September 04, 2020, 19:06:34

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City football group sign the tenth club to the group, Troyes, French Division 2.

Being so big has got to bring big financial advantages to City in the future.


What are the chances of these clubs producing top level players? I'm a bit in two minds whether having all these clubs is useful.


Helps distribute common costs, HR, Legal, etc and allows bulk purchase of equipment. Also profits from buying and selling on players, e.g.


There must be a good business benefit from having all these clubs under one banner, our owners are smart cookies, but I don’t think it really benefits City that much tbh.

Stephen Paul

A global Company

They are looking to be a football superpower in the future


Might not see the benefits for a decade of two, but yeah, the young talents are interesting

Stephen Paul

10 clubs globally

I can smell the boiling piss at UEFA 


Number eleven imminent- Portimonense apparently.