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CSKA Thread

Started by 93:2012, November 05, 2014, 18:58:37

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To my best  recollection I only edited the last line of my first post, extended it to make the point clearer and spelling errors:

"My best guess is Pelle and his backroom team have lost the confidence of key players, probably over playing Yaya and team tactics. Who really knows this is conjecture, but something is seriously wrong and it is not 'players are nervous'. That is laughable given their age, experience and honours won."

No substantive change otherwise.

A second edit, I am not sure what that refers to? It was a nothing post.

Heavily edited! Completely rewritten! Less aggressive!

You reacted in a stereotype manner without reading it properly (quoting first line only). There was only speculation (conjecture) at the end which I did edit by adding that it was conjecture; which it always quite obviously had to be, as I am no insider.