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lens replacement surgery

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Heading to Dublin on the 12 of January for this procedure. Advanced cataract in left eye and waiting list for NHS treatment has a three and a half waiting list. Anybody else had it done ?...

my old man is waiting for his other eye

my mate got his done 2 weeks ago private..cost him 3 grand as they wouldn’t do it on the NHS due to Covid.
Says he's got 4k vision now in 1 eye and totally painless and cant wait to get the other 1 done

I'm having both eyes done at the same time, just under seven grand. If all goes to plan, no more specs except for reading small print

I had LASIK a few years ago. Different I know. Overall a decent job but don't let anyone tell you that operations on eyes don't have downsides. My eyesight is a lot, lot better overall but I've had issues with dry eye which are still improving but are still occasionally problematic. The smell of the laser burning my eye balls was a bit of a turn off too. Nevertheless, no glasses now and overall very good vision for my age.


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