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Raheem Sterling
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Re: Raheem Sterling
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Member of the British Empire…..

Do we think he’ll accept it? Puts him in a difficult position I think with the links to the British Empire and slavery.

It’s a well deserved award though. They should maybe look to rebrand it.


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Re: Raheem Sterling
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The announcement means he has accepted it. Checked in advance. Don’t believe in the honour system just another route to enrich the privileged, politicians, political donors, government lackeys and funders, contributing to inequality in society. Those who deserve Honors general my do not get them or get minor honours. Those who deserve it were the front line staff in the NHS not some privileged well off person like Kate Bingham who run the vaccine program and hit made a Dame. She only got that job because of her political connections anyway.

Honours are a farce and a political tool to buy people off
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