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Stephen Paul

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« on: September 26, 2021, 17:19:31 »
Hate them with a passion

3 0 down against Arsenal


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Re: Spuds
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They've got one back but still Harry can't be happy with this. They should get back to City in January and try to cut their losses and move on. Trapping players isn't the way to build a team.

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Re: Spuds
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Ye would be a laugh if Kane kicked up a proper stink and then City said £10 mil, take it or leave it.


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Re: Spuds
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It is just Spurs doing their collapse into mediocrity earlier than usual.

Levy measures success by profit not trophies.

Kane will feel pain knowing he is not in the running to win anything, let alone a PL title or a CL title, but he only has himself to blame for signing such a poor contract for so long.