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11 games gone

Started by Stephen Paul, November 09, 2021, 19:20:14

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Stephen Paul

And 5 managers up the road

The PL is a daunting place

The Blue Blooded Maniac

With a nice wedge in their pocket I'd assume!!!


I used to love a good sacking. We had many managers who richly deserved it. I think Alan Ball and Mark Hughes were my personal favourite sackings.


Quote from: gavin on November 09, 2021, 21:28:42
I used to love a good sacking. We had many managers who richly deserved it. I think Alan Ball and Mark Hughes we my personal favourite sackings.

Gavin, Gavin what are you thinking Mark Hughes was a shining example of the upcoming best of British managers, an exceptional manager much beloved and promoted by the press and media who condemned Man City for getting rid of him.

Where are all these press & media fools now? Still waging a media & press war against City, and now Newcastle.

Whatever happened to that shining British star Leslie Mark Hughes??

Stephen Paul

Praying Ole won't be next


No need to pray at all. It will take an incredible manager, better than Pep himself to succeed there. Pep often talks about how the conditions he has at City are perfect for him to be successful. The conditions at the Sty are awful. Too many people sticking their oar in and not nearly enough scope for a manager to do what he needs to do. They don't sign players based on their need to build a team. It seems to be a policy of signing players that they don't want City to sign. Acquiring players on the basis of a plan for your own team is the most basic requirement of building success in football. Steve Coppell wouldn't even last a month.


Poor Ole is to weak and has been hung out to dry. Rather than supporting him they are slowly crushing him. I can see in his eyes and body language he is desperate to be gone/fired.

He rested Ronnie (yes lazy hang around up front poacher Ronnie) and got slated. Even Fergie was sticking the boot in, 'play your best players from the off'. Ronnie jumped on the bandwagon, 'Ole I will tell you when I'm not up to play a game'. Game over, Ole cannot drop lazy hang about poacher Ronnie now, no matter how he performs.

Now Ole cannot even pick the team. If that is not chaos and a recipe for failure, I don't know what is.


It's simple really and requires no explanation. They could have invested when they were the richest team in the world but they didn't.


Utd and Ole have spent £400 million in the last three years. I would hardly call that a failure to invest!


Their wages are astronomical too.

I'd give City a B- for their performance so far. We have done really well against the top teams, barring Spuds if you count them as a top team. But we have really let ourselves down at home against Southampton and Palace. We could be top of the table. I'll be expecting us to try and sign a striker in January. Yes, we can play many games without one and do very well. But to have a top line striker would make all the difference in some games. Bloody obvious really.

Stephen Paul

Christmas was good for us last season with Gundogan hitting top form


Yes, once this shitty international break is over then we can really can down to it for a few months. Not as many games as usual though seeing as we're out of the Carabao. Looks like we could have a couple of injuries too.