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Started by Lekos, April 10, 2018, 09:18:43

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Kilkenny Blue

Got a chrimbo hamper from a supplier Friday which contained a bottle of Greenore 18 year old single grain.  I usually give away the spirits as I hardly drink but this one is worth keeping! 

I used to work with Kiwi lad that used to by rare single malts on auction sites.  He used to bring back a bottle or 2 and we'd have a tasting night every Friday.  Used to go the whole hog, proper glasses and he'd explain each one.  Lush!


I have a taste for "George Dickle White Corn  Whiskey "

The Blue Blooded Maniac

Just got back from Scotland for a few days. Also nipped to Islay as well. Did a few distillery tours while we were there, as well as Glenlivet :D