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Started by reddishblue, March 11, 2023, 20:45:03

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Might watch it tonight as appararentley there are no dickheads talking shit or commentators for that matter.

Lets just hear the football i.e. the crowd. There used to be an alternative on sky sports years ago that allowed you just watch the game and listen to the crowd. This was my option every time until the they stopped it. TWATS.

I am more than capable of making my my own mind up about how City did.
Today they were organised and derived the win. could easily have been more. Let's see what MOTD doesn't have to say. #gogary


They've ended up with 20 minutes of a programme apparently. WTF. They could still have shown as much of the games surely? Or is that how long they actually show of matches normally?

Anyway, the Nazi Party have managed to fuck up nearly everything about Britain now.

Stephen Paul

Rumour has it Lineker is of to Sky


I watch the BBC these days acutely aware of it absolutely right wing bias. I'd barely disguised.


The best singing dog ever IMO :D

Stephen Paul

all back to normal
The world is a safer place


He makes his return for City v Burnley. The only reason he came back was cos he didn't want to miss it.