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The Flasher

Started by Neil Mcnab, March 09, 2023, 20:38:53

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Neil Mcnab

Had to comment on Walker. I wasnt bothered by the escorts, what he does in private, who cares. Acting like a randy teenager in a club is a very poor example. His pace is waning, albeit slowly, being shit faced as a professional athlete, bad also . Rico is already fighting for the position. Might be time to consider his future.


Yes, we have to be considering our options at this stage. You could laugh off his previous misadventures mostly.

I also agree that he doesn't look as quick as he used to be but many have learnt to compensate with great positioning. Paul McGrath for one. It seems that he probably doesn't have the brain power though.


His previous form I have commented upon and will not repeat. That at the very least should have taught him to behave in public as everything ends up on media or social media. Walker seems to never learn.

What example is this behaviour to our young academy players, to our young fans, and what impact does it have on our female fans?

The Metropolitan Police did not act swiftly enough on the flashing reports on one of their own scumbag deprived officers Wayne Couzens, he went on to kill innocent Sarah Everard. At a time of such public sensitivity and outrage at such acts Walker should not have been acutely aware that behaving in such a way in a public place was totally unacceptable. City should let him go in the summer as I and many other City fans do not want our club associated with such behaviour. 

Neil Mcnab

A definite time for him to go. All the privilege in the world, except common sense.

Stephen Paul

He is a bit of a knob of the pitch 


Must have been 'insufficient' evidence for flashing charges lol

Stephen Paul

he either got it out or he didn't

Neil Mcnab

Quote from: KunDB on March 17, 2023, 22:04:12
Must have been 'insufficient' evidence for flashing charges lol
Lol, they had real trouble spotting the evidence and wrote it off as a tiny misdemeanour. 

Stephen Paul

Got a feeling he will be up the road this summer