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Everton charged with Financial breaches

Started by gavin, March 24, 2023, 21:46:29

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QuoteThe Premier League did not reveal the specifics of the club's alleged breach, other than saying it occurred in the period ending with the 2021-22 season.

They were quite happy to list the specific charges against City! Though maybe they are just worried about getting the list of their own rules wrong again.


Well done PL how macho. Should help send off the new government regulations and regulators which is all you are interested in. Avoiding having to govern fairly for all not just the chosen few.

Meanwhile, Man Utd have fallen into massive debt and physical decay of their stadium, great ownership model while you oddly stood by.

Now the owners are cashing in and running off with the loot in full view.

FFP rules should be entirely focused on whether the clubs finances are sustainable in the short, medium and long-term and resilient to the owner walking away. I'm should primarily be in place in advance of spending with strict limits set on club borrowings.

Sort out FFP rules to be FFP focused roles before you start pursuing clubs in showcase public trials with the primary purpose to protect the elite status quo of clubs, which is running and running PL football and is suffocating aspiring clubs from advancing without any financial risk to their future existence, e.g. Newcastle

Neil Mcnab

Sick of FFP. It is a restraint on trade to maintain the cartel. Which is better, the Glazers dragging billions out of the game into their coffers and out of the game. Or those clubs putting billions into the game.


It is farcical that clubs being bled dry by their owners is ignored whilst owners who invest in their clubs and the surrounding areas are pilloried.