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P&S (FFP) breaches for Forest and Everton

Started by gavin, January 15, 2024, 17:10:12

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More changing of the rules to stop people sponsoring their own clubs even if it is at fair market value for a sponsorship. There are already rules that state that a sponsorship has to be fair market value. It looks like someone, somewhere has finally decided to legally challenge this bollocks. Football is facing death by a thousand stupid rules - both on and off the pitch with VAR, blue cards, PSR (FFP) and now this. The wankers are supposed to be running a sport, instead they are making it a financial and political game whilst ruining a once fast paced game with few interruptions.


As I see it the cartel(s) are moving in a frantic frenzy way to try and keep moving the goal posts. The more this goes on the more confident I am the 115 charges will be dismissed.

They are trying desperately to close the financial horse door after it has bolted.


As my gran used to say "Run around in ever diminishing circles and you will disappear up your own arse" She could tell the PL a thing or two.


Quote from: reddishblue on February 09, 2024, 20:42:44
Someone please read this and explain to me what the fuck is going on?

Put simply, your competitors review your commercial contracts deem them excessive and stop you spending money. Just as they did under FFP stating it deals were inflated, afterwards the Cover of Arbitration noted they weren't.

I remember particularly the outrage at our shirt deal then a month later Utds deal dwarfed it. Hypocrisy and competing clubs overseeing City's dealings.


Watched the end of the Everton/Palace game on the telly tonight. Anyway, I'll skip to the main point.

Spitty McSpittyface was interviewing some Yank or other who apparently coached Leeds. They came to the conclusion the Everton points deduction will be reduced.

Can someone tell me what the WTF is going on?



Everton have just had their points deduction reduced to 6 points. "The appeal board concluded that the independent commission's initial ruling in November 2023 "made legal errors" on two grounds."

Legal errors eh? Not looking good for Masters and his cronies.


Now we await further points reductions for their breaches the following year! And Forest too for that year.


I can hear chants of 'You don't know what you're doing' going through my head'.

Should I seek therapy?

Stephen Paul

There is definitely a load of uncertainty with who is making these rules up