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Predictions and match build up for Luton away. FA Cup Tues.8pm

Started by Stephen Paul, February 24, 2024, 19:27:41

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Stephen Paul

Back to the FA Cup this week with a tricky away trip to Luton

Not playing well but should do enough to progress to the 6th round

Stephen Paul

Referee: Anthony Taylor
Assistant referees: Marc Perry and Shaun Hudson
Fourth official: Simon Hooper
VAR: Thomas Bramall


It's another tough one. I reckon 2-1 to City this time. Goals on Sunday hopefully.



Stephen Paul

Quote from: reddishblue on February 27, 2024, 19:04:28
4-0 City. Paddy Power to get another tenner off Stevie.
Paddy Power making a fortune of me these days ffs