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Manchester City and ABU

Started by bannblue, July 16, 2015, 23:35:33

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Currently on holiday in Southern Spain ( near Huelva ) and got speaking to a Charlton Athletic fan near the pool . He said " who's your team ?," I replied I have 2 teams I follow . He said what do you mean ? I replied first and foremost Manchester City  and ABU he then said AFC Bouremouth to which I replied No !!!!! Anyone but United !!! He laughed !!

bry the guy



Hoped you mentioned the 5-1 win against them to win promotion in 1985

Stephen Paul

also ABSB

anybody but Scouse Bsatards


Aye, its probably expanded now to Anyone But United or the Scouse Bastards. ABUSB!

What on earth made you think of a thread from 2015, Stephen?

Stephen Paul

For a minute I thought Bannblue was back from the dead