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fuck off australia part 4

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found a good looking show on netflix, top 72 stroppy animals or something

all 72 are in fucking australia!...what the fuck is going on with that place, seriously no need, pick 2 you want to keep and kill the rest

how do you go to the pub without a croc having your leg off and shit and is it safe having a shit or will a shark have your bollocks off

It would make your life more interesting at least but I don't think incidents are that common. Anyway there's loads of dangerous animals in Cardiff.

only the women

some tart had her head bit by a sea lion, seriously, close the place down

not seen ken on this  list yet

America is worse

I can go walking on Mt Tambourine or the Glasshouse Mtns near where I live and the only thing to watch for are snakes which dont attack you, they fuck off when they hear you coming, nothing is gonna eat you..

In the US, you have to worry about nasty Bears, Mountain lions, Cougars, Snakes, Coyotes, Wolves

I once stayed in a log cabin in Sierra Madre mountains in California and at 1 am I was woken by a bear outside my fucking cabin, I was terrified it would rip the door of and eat me (maybe girlfriend first) didnt get any sleep

Much safer in Oz, no guns either   ;D

bollocks, sharks, crocs, spiders in your daps, snakes every bastard where and its too hot

not a big fan of africa either


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