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Where would we play him in this current squad

He'd have to work a lot harder off the ball than he ever seemed willing to do. On that basis, I don't think he'd make it.


--- Quote from: Paddy on January 12, 2018, 00:46:52 ---Where would we play him in this current squad

--- End quote ---

Bench warmer ?

Rowley Birkin QC:
I agree with Gavin. Always problematic comparing / 'merging' players from different eras. With the rise in sports science players are much fitter and better conditioned nowadays than they were back in the 1980's and most of the 90's. The Kinky of back then would not have lasted the pace in a modern Premiership game. And brilliant as he was, there was always a question mark around his team work ethic (as Gavin said).

However, in some alternative reality, with the required fitness and attitude I think he had the skills to be part of this City squad. Where to play him? Certainly well forward, in behind Aguero - in close partnership with David perhaps, although it might be difficult to incorporate both into the one starting line up if KdB were available? 

TBF: I think his attitude to team spirit was affected by the fact that city were getting beaten to often and having to put up with to many half arsed managers. He would have been another Silva with better team mates


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