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European super league
« on: May 11, 2018, 11:31:13 »
I dont like the idea.How many fans can afford to go to away matches every other week?I think its a stupid idea and more so if its a closed shop.


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Re: European super league
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Load of shite. Stick with the Premier League for me.


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Re: European super league
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Painful reality is the real loyal fans do not count for much. All about creating new mainly TV fans (much like I am now), and hard-selling merchandise and TV packages to them.

With the tsunami of money in the premiership it would/should not be too painful for circa 2.5% to be set aside to subside season card holders costs of travel; could be used to part-fund official club organised fan trips (buses and planes and accommodation). Especially, if the European League idea is continued and enacted which it will as it is so economically lucrative. The clubs organising travel packages should in itself bring down fans travel costs, except for the most intrepid bargain hunter fans perhaps.