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Started by zacc, January 10, 2022, 14:06:36

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Watched the 4 part series on ITV called Anne, based on a family whose son died at Hillsborough.
I found it very helpful how it linked all the intermittent news drip fed over the years.
Truly deplorable how ordinary people were treated.


Avenues to truly question authorities need to be increased and strengthened. The number of miscarriages of justice and police abuse of power in this country is truly shocking yet they are being given increasing power.


Well said Gav.

The current administration are doing their best to ensure it continues into the future.

If think your gas and electric bills are bad, look at some the bills that parliament has passed/proposed recently, fucking bunch of xenophobic tory twats.

Utility price rises are just a diversion from the real problem here :)


Diversions are stuff of making peaople go to sleep to what's going on round them.