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Big Vinney of to Bayern ?

Started by Stephen Paul, May 23, 2024, 09:40:09

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Stephen Paul

If so , two years there and then a replacement for Pep at City


It looks like we might need a replacement next summer though. Vinny would have to do a good job at Bayern. It is going to be a hell of a job for anyone that takes over from Pep. We will need to be patient.


Good luck to him. He deserves it. Working with a team of high performers and egos will be a good indicator of if he can make it at the top level.

Would love him at the helm at City one day.


Rumours are he's got the job.

Stephen Paul

Wish him all the best and hopefully he will be back at City some day

Stephen Paul

Officially appointed

Good luck Vinney


He took on a hard job at Burnley and this is another hard one. Even Pep had had enough after a few years despite winning the league every year. You can tell the feeling when he talks about the level of support that he has had from everyone at City.

Stephen Paul

Pep has had an influence on this appointment 


Pep seems to be influencing almost every managerial appointment now. Everyone wants to be like City.