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Joe Hart

Started by gavin, November 09, 2014, 14:07:37

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Probably the only player, other than Sergio, who is doing himself any favours at the moment. I note his absence from the players nearing the exit door thread. I am sure his name was writ large in similar threads over the last 12 months but no more. He played well yesterday other than his poor kicking at times. Hopefully he can sort his kicking out now and fulfil his early promise. I suppose it does help him that he is having far more opportunity at the moment to impress what with the defence being so poor and profligate with the ball but nevertheless he seems to be getting back to his best in many aspects.


is he likely to sort his kicking out tho, thats something that should have been sorted late teens-early 20s. he decision making is ropey as hell an all, how often does he rush out and do nothing when he gets there? often

other than that, yeah hes ace

better than the willy bloke so far. see i can give him credit


Can be a good shot stopper but his distribution is shite with either foot or hand. Seems to me he can't see further than 50 fucking yards.

As goat sez should have been sorted out years ago.



A lot better this year and a top goalkeeper but not inspirational or spectacular. Which seems to be the problem with a large number of our players.


I don't think he is a 'top' goalkeeper at all.


but he is englands number 1




Someone has been reading hype in the newspapers and believing it.


Quote from: reddishblue on November 09, 2014, 17:53:28
I don't think he is a 'top' goalkeeper at all.

I deliberately said 'top' rather than 'world class'.

He is one of the top keepers in England and as good as many in Europe, but as I said not inspirational or sensational.

Neil Mcnab

He has a credible replacement waiting in the wings if his form dips, bound to keep him on his toes. Kept us in the game against QPR.
As for Caballero, not covered himself in glory yet, but given a decent run in the team, who knows.